I had vocal fold nodules and this is what I learned. A female singer holding her throat.

I Had Vocal Fold Nodules and This Is What I Learned

This is the true story of my experience with vocal fold nodules.  In 2016, after a bad bout of reflux, I noticed that my voice was getting hoarse.  Assuming that it was some combination of my ...

Piano for Singers – Major Triad Inversions on Piano

Step right up!  It’s time for a tutorial on Major Triad inversions on piano in 12 keys. This is another video in my series piano for singers.  These are the perfect piano skills for singers or ...
Singers and shame article learn about shame. Photo of woman looking sad

Singers and Shame

I have been thinking a lot about shame in music education lately.  I can’t get over how many times my private students and members of The Versatile Musician tell me how much shame they have over what ...
Practice with me - how to clap sixteenth notes. Brenda Earle Stokes clapping rhythms with sixteenth notes in notation on the page.

Sixteenth note rhythm exercises

Sixteenth notes can be a real source of dread for even the most experienced musicians.  In this tutorial, I will take you through some fantastic sixteenth note rhythm exercises that will help you ...
Piano Chord Inversions explained. Brenda Earle Stokes smiling in front of hands on the piano keyboard. Piano Skills for Singers written in yellow lettering

Piano for Singers – Piano Chord Inversions Explained

Piano Chord Inversions Explained! Since piano chord inversions can feel super confusing, I made this video to clearly and simply explain how to think about it and how to practice it. You will learn ...
How to use the teachable app for online courses like the Versatile Musician

How to access Teachable from your mobile device

In this article, I’m going to show you two ways to access Teachable from your mobile device.  I have been using Teachable for 4 years (since the release of my bestselling courses Piano Skills ...

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