Private Piano and Voice Lessons

Private Piano and Voice Lessons in NYC or Worldwide on Zoom 


I teach private lessons in voice and piano in my studio in NYC and worldwide via Zoom.

In your piano lesson or voice lesson with me, I will first assess your unique needs and skill level, and then help chart a course of study that will move you toward your goals. Each one of your lessons will be dynamic and personalized.

You will walk away from every piano or voice lesson with clear practice goals, so you can continue to build on our work at home.

Does this sound like what you've been looking for? Let's explore working together!

Testimonials From Students

“Without her knowledge, guidance, and encouragement, I may never have realized my dream of playing jazz piano for an audience! I am very grateful to work with such a wonderful musician and teacher.”

Melissa Forbes photo

Dr. Melissa Forbes, Singer/Professor at University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia

"I absolutely loved how she integrates vocal science into her coaching. I not only was gaining confidence in myself but a true understanding of how my voice works.”


Derick McKoy, Founder and Artistic Director, McKoy Dance Project, New York City

"One of Brenda’s many strengths as a teacher is that she is well versed in many genres and she gave me a clear, easy to follow structure for developing my improvisational skills. Brenda is warm, encouraging and helped me overcome my fears and mental blocks during the process."

Cindy Hospedales photo

Cindy Hospedales, R&B/Jazz Vocalist/Songwriter, Classical Pianist, Piano and Voice teacher, Brooklyn, NY

Voice Lessons in NYC or via Zoom

Whether you are exploring your singing voice for the first time or you are looking for elite professional training, I am here to support you.

Using my expansive knowledge of the voice, we will work together to help you develop your range, strengthen your sound, and discover your unique voice.

Focusing primarily on jazz, pop, rock, music theater, and singer/songwriters, we will work on your:

  • Registers
  • Range
  • Belting
  • Mix
  • Tone Qualities
  • Breathing and Support
  • Song styling and interpretation

Each singing lesson is recorded so you can practice along at home. I provide live or recorded accompaniments for your songs (I'm a professional pianist!).

My voice studio in NYC is a calm and quiet environment where you can focus on your singing.  For my online Zoom studio, I use the highest quality audio and video sources so you'll feel like you're live in my studio!

Piano Lessons in NYC or Online via Zoom

As a piano teacher, I use my wide range of training and professional experience to build a course of study that is unique to your needs.

Grinning ear to ear with an in person private student in my home studio in NYC.

Whether you are singer learning to self accompany, a jazz pianist wanting to expand your skills or an experienced pianist looking to fortify existing skills, there is a place for you in the studio.

We will focus in on your strengths and challenges and I will provide exercises and repertoire that will help you to move fluidly to the next level. You will complete each lesson with a clear practice plan to help you succeed.

My NYC piano studio is cozy and equipped with a recently refurbished 1976 Yamaha U3 upright piano.  I also use a Casio Privia keyboard to demonstrate techniques and so we can play together.  My piano studio has adjustable bench and I have hundreds of music resources to share!

Voice & Piano Lessons in NYC or Online via Zoom

Many students study with me because I am able to combine voice and piano into one lesson. We will customize this time to help you feel confident singing at the piano.

Zoom Lessons Using State-of-the-Art Technology

Make no mistake: this is NOT like a Zoom with your grandma.

I use top-of-the-line equipment when I teach so that you get the highest quality experience. In addition to professional audio equipment for top-notch sound quality, I use a software called ManyCam, which will give you:

  1. A clear view of my face
  2. An overhead view of the piano.
  3. A light-up keyboard with the note names listed
  4. A screen view of any music notation we will need.
  5. Audio or videos of performances

I have taught students all over the world, from Canada to Korea to Australia and it feels like we are in the room together!

If you've been skeptical of virtual lessons in the past, I encourage you to give it a try.

In-Person Lessons at New York City Studio

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 4.21.46 PM

I have a few slots available for voice and piano lessons in my New York City studio. It is a calm and relaxed space for you or your child to enjoy one on one lessons.

I am careful to regularly sanitize the surfaces in the space and air out the room between lessons using an air filter.

My NYC studio is a calm and quiet place that has hosted hundreds of voice and piano lessons for students aged 10-90!

What piano skills do singers need?

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