jazz musician shows how to use the ireal pro rhythm app

Tutorial: How to use the iReal Pro app

It’s #tutorialtuesday and this was a special request from some of the #theversatilemusician community. This week I created a step-by-step how to use the #irealpro app.  The iReal Pro is an ...
Pianist and educator Brenda Earle Stokes giving a talk

Motivation Monday: Move a muscle, change a thought

I am often asked how I get everything done.  Between homeschooling my son, running a busy private studio and building my online course business, I understand busy.  I can share with you a huge ...

Motivation Monday: What is holding you back?

In my never-ending quest for self-improvement, I am always looking for ways to take a deeper look at my mindset and productivity.  In this case, I take a moment and ask myself the question “ ...
Photo of piano teacher playing a Yamaha piano and demonstrating faking skills

Faking 101: The Secret Weapon of EVERY piano player

Faking is a very real skill (see what I did there?) that can have you playing complicated-sounding arrangements that are actually super easy to play.  Watch this video to learn more! **Make sure to ...
Piano teacher explaining music theory

Piano Skills and Ear Training #4

This is video #4 in my Piano Skills and Ear Training series!  This week we will maneuver through the I-IV-V7-I chord progression in all 12 keys using smooth voice leading.  Once we’ve mastered that, ...
Piano and singing teacher explains music theory and cadences.

Piano Skills and Ear Training #3

This is video #3 in my Piano Skills and Ear Training series.  In this tutorial, we are going to look at a music theory cadence that is very common in almost all genres of music:  the I IV I V7 I ...

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