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4 back to school project I tackle every year text with pictures of school supplies

Four Back to School Projects I Tackle Every Year

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere then you are definitely eyeballs deep in Back to School.  If you are a music teacher, back to school time can be super hectic.  In this article I’ll take ...
What gear do I use for Zoom piano and voice teaching. Brenda Earle Stokes posing by her zoom piano and voice lesson gear

My Online Music Teaching Studio Gear and Set Up

I have finally perfected my studio set up for when I teach online music lessons with Zoom!  Many of you have been asking me what my set up is, so I thought it was time to show it to you.  Since I was ...
Brenda Takes a Vacation

Brenda Takes a Vacation

I am writing this from a place I haven’t been in for quite some time:  I am relaxed, I am refocused and reengergized.  After over two years of homeschooling, starting a new business and teaching ...

The Year in Review: 2021-2022

As the school year comes to an end here in the US and summer plans are now underway, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past two years  It has been a momentous, stressful and exhilarating ...
How to play voice exercises on piano Piano for Singers series with Brenda Earle Stokes the owner and creator of Piano and Voice with brenda

Piano for Singers – How to play voice exercises on piano

This tutorial is part of my Piano for Singers series, where I teach the exact skills that singers need to provide a foundation for musical and professional success.  In this tutorial, I teach you how ...
Behind the scenes at the Versatile Musician

Behind the Scenes at The Versatile Musician

In September of 2021, I released my amazing new membership called The Versatile Musician.  In this post, I’ll share a behind the scenes look at The Versatile Musician so you can have a better ...

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