Are You Struggling With Your Lack of Piano Skills?

Are you struggling with your lack of piano skills?

Are you ever embarrassed when you are unable to play for your students?

Do you feel inferior to singers who can play piano?

Have you taken piano lessons in the past and found that the process is slow, frustrating and difficult?

What if I told you that there is an easier way?

Hi! I’m Brenda Earle Stokes and I help busy singers and voice teachers achieve greater confidence and ease at the piano in just 20 minutes a day, so they can experience freedom in their teaching without feeling overwhelmed and investing time in expensive private lessons.

My first instrument and both of my college degrees are in piano, and I always my facility on the piano for granted.  Over the years, more and more singers and voice teachers have come to my private studio, frustrated and embaressed by their lack of piano skills.  I have developed a clear and concise method of curated skills that every singer needs, which are broken down into easy and manageable steps.

Gain more confidence and freedom at the piano in the most direct and cost effective way possible!

30 day money back guarantee backed by the Teachable platform.

Level 1: The Basics

Perfect for people new to the piano and those who need to brush up their skills.  Basic technique and posture, 5 finger exercises in 3 keys, play major and minor triads in all 12 keys, learn simple chording and how to “fake.”


Level 2: The Singer’s Toolkit

Perfect for anyone with some piano background.  Technique and posture, finger exercises and warmups, voice exercises in 12 keys, learn to read 11 different chord qualities in 12 keys, how to read from a fake book, get your sight reading together, plus piles of professional advice on how to protect your body, voice and sanity while you teach all day!  (6+ hours of video lessons and 150 pages of print content).   BUY NOW

Jazz Piano Accompaniment

Perfect for anyone with some piano background, or anyone who has completely Level 2.  Learn real jazz piano techniques – walking bass lines, to comping right hand jazz rhythms, great sounding chord voicings, swing rhythms, how to play different Ballads and Bossa Novas, PLUS lots of amazing advice and resources to make you sound like an authentic jazz pianist!  (5+ hours of video lessons and 130 pages of print content).  


Piano Improvisation for Everyone!

Perfect for anyone with some piano background, this is a unique method to get you developing your creativity by improvising!  We tackle free improvisations using harmonic and melodic techniques, plus I show you how to improvise on pop songs and a Blues.  The course is perfect for any level or musical interest – there is truly something for everyone!   (3+ hours of video lessons and 40 pages of print content)


ALL courses are jam packed with tips and advice on technique, organizing your practicing and how to master the material in the fastest way possible.

When you enroll in the course, you gain access to a private Facebook Members forum, where you will get additional bonus material which you connect  with other course participants and get personal access with the course creator.

For one purchase price, you get lifetime 24/7 access to the course, so you can learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.