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Are you ready to take your piano, theory, and musicianship skills to the next level? LET'S GO!


It can be super frustrating to be always cobbling together random resources on YouTube and shelling out for private lessons that don’t seem to go anywhere... need structure and guidance to help you make real progress so you can stop struggling and start making real music.




The Versatile Musician is an all-in-one membership that combines video lessons, print material, and live support to help you level up your skills and thrive as a musician and music teacher.

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Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?


You have a nagging feeling that something is missing in your musical skillset. You know that it’s not just one thing, but a collection of skills you need to improve.


You find yourself in group settings with other musicians and you are finding it hard to keep up with the rest of the group. The gaps in your musical skills are making it hard to enjoy music making but you’re not sure where to find help.


You are cobbling together YouTube videos, books and Google searches and it’s just not helping. You need structure and guidance to help you make real progress.

Your Membership Includes...

50 hours of high-quality video lessons viewable on any device so you can practice anywhere

900+ pages of meticulously notated downloadable print material

Access to ALL courses, including the NEW content I regularly produce

A grandfathered price for membership access. As the resources swell the monthly membership fee will increase. Buy now and never face a price raise!

A monthly live group call with me to check in on your progress and offer practice support

The chance to shape future courses, by requesting exactly what you need

Features 15+ courses including these!
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This isn’t some automated course site where you have to figure it out on your own.
I’m actually going to help you through it!


Your questions answered

Ask questions right on the membership platform and I’ll answer them for you!

Live Zoom calls with Brenda

Every month I offer a LIVE group Zoom call, where you get to ask questions, discuss your progress and your pain points. PLUS you to get request specific lessons and content from me. I am always customizing lessons and material based on what members like you need!


EVERY Zoom call is recorded and uploaded to the site. You’ll have access to every session we’ve done since the membership began!
So far we've covered these topics...

How to harmonize a melody on piano

How to sing harmonies

How to play by ear

Jazz Chords Decoded

Piano Pedaling technique

How to play Latin Jazz Styles

Pop piano solos and fills

Christmas piano music accompaniment strategies

Playing in unfamiliar keys

The mechanics of singing

Vocal warmups that work

Worship music techniques

Adding interest to chords using cadences and sus chords

Solo jazz piano styles

Instrumental piano arrangements

The Versatile Musician is a one-woman business, so all of your emails get answered by owner/creator Brenda Earle Stokes. (This ain’t some huge business with automated responses and chatbots!)

Do these courses provide transformation?
You betcha!

Check out what these folks are saying...

I'm excited to recommend Piano Skills for Singers. This is a fantastic course and an absolute game-changer for voice teachers. Seriously. If your piano is just for scales, and you're convinced that you can't learn to play, think again! Brenda Earle Stokes is a wonderful teacher and her course is super organized! Each section gives you the confidence to move on to the next section. What I really loved was learning that you don't have to be a brilliant pianist to accompany your students!  Thank you, Brenda! This is a course that was long overdue!

Meredith Colby

Meredith Colby
Voice Teacher, Speaker, Blogger, Author
Chicago, IL

Brenda is an inspiration.  She lives and breathes her passion for piano and her course is clear, concise and it works!  I can’t wait to get to the piano every day now! Thanks, Brenda!!

Kath Williams

Kath Williams
Singer/Voice Teacher
Queensland, Australia

I think I'm genuinely obsessed with this course! No joke!
Thanks so much for making it. I can't tell you how much it is doing for my
musicianship and confidence!


Mel Lathouras
Jazz Vocalist and Voice Teacher
Brisbane, Australia

Brenda, Thank you for your course!  It fully lived up to its promise to teach me every skill I need in my studio in a few weeks of short daily practice. The icing on the cake is that you gave lots more information that I can get as much out of as I put into it digging deeper. I look forward to continuing to practice my "faking" skills and soon be accompanying myself and my students.

Winnie Fristoe

Winnie Fristoe
Vocalist and Teacher
Houston, TX

I seriously LOVE your course, it has been so liberating - for the first time in my life I have been feeling like "oh I can do this". And it's been fun! And fun to then practice chords in a couple of songs. So thank you!!! You opened the piano door for me that I previously felt was closed...

Teneha Greco

Teneha Greco
Music Teacher, Owner of Little Magpie Music
Brisbane, Australia

I cannot thank you enough for the effects, I am experiencing with your Solfege Crash Courses!!! One of my students had such intonation issues and we have worked through your solfege major course, it did wonders for her!!! Yeyyy!!!

Maike Andreo

Maiko Andreo
Singer/Voice Teacher Berlin, Germany

hours videos lessons
pages downloadable materials
practice guides & checklists
students worldwide
unique videos

Want to accompany yourself on piano?

Learn simple chording and accompaniment strategies that will transform your playing!

Want to play beautiful piano arrangements without needing to play from sheet music?

You’ll be amazed at my streamlined process.

Want to expand your musicianship so you can play by ear?

Enjoy building your skills and seamlessly adding them to your performances.

Need to fill in some learning gaps in your theory knowledge so you feel more confident?

You've never learned theory this way!

It's all here at...

  • Self study with well constructed and easy to follow lessons
  • Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home
  • Customize your experience by building a course of study that suits YOU
  • Enjoy the community and inspiration from live calls with students all over the world

Some of the courses included are...

Piano Skills for Singers Levels 1 & 2
Learn Jazz Piano
Piano Improvisation for Everyone!
Crash Course in Solfege
The ever-popular Rhythm Workout
Holiday Singalong Workshop
Crash Course in Pop Piano
Jazz Piano 101
Piano Technique and Ear Training

...and much more to come!

Check out what our current members have to say!

Brenda singing and playing piano
Brenda playing the piano


After creating 7 best-selling courses and serving hundreds of students worldwide, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve learned that:

  • People excitedly purchase courses but then quickly lose motivation to follow through
  • People have a strong desire for a 1-on-1 customized experience



With this membership:

  • You'll have the opportunity to create a program customized to YOU
  • You'll have access to tons of content for one low monthly cost
  • You'll have a partner in your journey (ME!) to help keep you on track

What areas of training are covered?

Piano skills: Practical methodology that gives you the training you can actually use

Rhythm: Clap and count your way to mastery and build your sense of pulse and groove

Sight-singing and Ear Training Skills: Learn to play by ear, sight-sing, and improve your fundamental sense of pitch

Jazz and Improvisation: Free yourself from the written page and create more spontaneously

Marketing: Learn skills to attract a wider student base and make more money

Career: Expand your music career and performance opportunities by improving your singing, your playing, your musicianship, your creativity, and your confidence

Need more proof?

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent courses and teaching! I have benefitted from your Piano Skills for Singers and used your Crash Course in Solfege with my private voice students & Choristers. You have a gift of taking complex topics and breaking them down in innovative ways while giving us efficient methods for practice. I can’t wait for your next course and teaching!

Melissa Ramb

Dr. Melissa Ramb
Director of Choristers at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke
Orlando, FL

Piano Improvisation for Everyone is an obvious choice for pianists who are curious about improvising, but it’s just as valuable for someone like me, whose primary instrument is not piano. First, because it’s always useful to approach things we already do in fresh ways and the course is broadening my palette as both an improviser and a teacher of improvisation. I’m already noticing a positive impact on my facility at the keyboard! Highly recommended!

andrea wolper photo

Andrea Wolper
Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter, and Educator
Brooklyn, NY

Brenda’s Piano Skills for Singers courses have been a Godsend for me. I studied piano as a small child and had an awful block when it came to fluidity on the piano. Over the years I’ve tried different things, but I still felt incompetent when it came to accompanying myself or my students. I’ve been practicing with Brenda’s courses for a couple of months and I feel the difference in my playing. She is methodical and clear and has been really helpful in guiding me beyond my inner invisible wall with the instrument. Thanks Brenda for your grace and contributions!

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

They are absolutely fabulous courses is so great that I can watch and re-watch the videos over and over. I have learned so much and my skill level is increasing in leaps and bounds. I am now able to play with confidence when I am teaching, yay👏👏👏 thank you so much 🙏🙏🎹🎹

Robin Streiner

Robin Streiner
Singer and Teacher

I want you to be confident in your musical skills and be the best musician you can be.


Think you are the only one who has struggle with gaps in their musical skills?
Here's my story:

Brenda Earle Stokes owner and creator of the Versatile Musician

Even though I studied piano from a young age, by the time I started my career I knew I was in big trouble. After 13 years of piano lessons, I couldn’t play my major scales properly, my theory knowledge was a mess and my musicianship was even worse. I was desperate to become a more versatile musician, but I had no place to turn.

I searched high and low for all the answers I needed, diving deep into ear training, improvisation, classical piano, voice technique, conducting, composition and musicianship. I spent a fortune on courses, institutes and so.many.private lessons, even after I had already finished (and paid for) 6 years of expensive post-secondary education.

All the hard work paid off, as I have been living and gigging in New York City for two decades, touring internationally, performing at top jazz clubs, and releasing six critically acclaimed albums as a bandleader. Being a versatile musician has enabled me to survive and thrive as a freelance musician.

My performance career has taken me across the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, playing at venues like the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, the Toronto Jazz Festival, performing as a bandleader and side musician with artists such as Wycliffe Gordon, Maurice Hines, and the DIVA Jazz Orchestra and I have released six albums as a leader.

Brenda performing at The Jazz Standard in New York City
Brenda working with a private lesson playing piano while student sings

Somewhere along the line, I discovered that I had a talent and passion for teaching and have taught in every imaginable environment, from Early Childhood through singing programs for elderly adults.  I have taught at elementary, high schools and college programs across the globe and have given talks and workshops at International conferences.

By combining my performing chops with my unique teaching methods, I have taught thousands of students and helped them level up their skills to find great success in their musical lives.

I created The Versatile Musician to help musicians like you find all the answers you need in one place and provide the support and the motivation you need to make it happen. The Versatile Musician is the product of a lifetime of music study and hands-on experience helping musicians from all walks of life and now I am making it all available to YOU.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


As musicians, we are all trying to survive and THRIVE in today’s competitive market.

Nowadays, musicians need to do it ALL.

It’s not enough to be good at one thing (and let’s face it: you’re already GOOD).

In order to get better gigs, gig more frequently and attract and retain students, you need to be VERSATILE.

IMAGINE feeling confident at the keyboard, playing satisfying accompaniments to songs from different backgrounds.

IMAGINE your calendar filling up with gigs because you have expanded your skill set to perform more styles.

IMAGINE having the savvy to grow your studio because you are able to serve a wider range of students.

I’ll even throw in a free copy of my 6 All-Time Best Practice Tips when you subscribe. So … what are you waiting for?