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singer and pianist teaching how to use the real pro app

How to Practice with the iReal Pro

The iReal Pro is an amazing band-in-a-box app.  Although it was initially created for jazz musicians, there are so many wonderful applications of it; it is perfect for singers and instrumentalists ...
Pianist and teacher Brenda Earle Stokes teaching perfect hand position

Two Easy Exercises for Perfect Hand Position

Hand position is such a crucial component of playing the piano and it is often sorely overlooked.  Not only can this lead to inefficiencies that make it hard to play fast lines, but it can also lead ...

Master Major Scale Fingerings on Piano

Master Major Scale Fingerings on Piano This tutorial is all about how to master major scale fingerings on the piano.  I am going to break down the who, what, why and how of major scales and how to ...
jazz musician shows how to use the ireal pro rhythm app

Tutorial: How to use the iReal Pro app

It’s #tutorialtuesday and this was a special request from some of the #theversatilemusician community. This week I created a step-by-step how to use the #irealpro app.  The iReal Pro is an ...
Photo of piano teacher playing a Yamaha piano and demonstrating faking skills

Faking 101: The Secret Weapon of EVERY piano player

Faking is a very real skill (see what I did there?) that can have you playing complicated-sounding arrangements that are actually super easy to play.  Watch this video to learn more! **Make sure to ...
Piano teacher explaining music theory

Piano Skills and Ear Training #4

This is video #4 in my Piano Skills and Ear Training series!  This week we will maneuver through the I-IV-V7-I chord progression in all 12 keys using smooth voice leading.  Once we’ve mastered that, ...

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