Allergies be gone! A singer’s struggle with allergies.

Required listening…Allergies by Barenaked Ladies It’s March in NYC and just we’re getting excited to finally put away our heavy coats and observe the buds on the trees and the ...

Let’s Talk About Pricing

Someone decided to send this to me via DM.  The crazy part is that this person had already hired me to give a workshop for their school.  They were upset that I had (*gasp*) other products that I was ...
Music teachers protect your ears Brenda Earle Stokes holding her hands over her ears because the music is too loud

Music Teachers Protect Your Ears

Music teachers protect your years! If you are a musician or a music teacher, this video contains CRUCIAL information that you need in order to protect your long-term hearing. Music teachers like you ...
PIano for singers major chords in second inversion Brenda Earle Stokes smiling in front of the hands on the piano.

Piano for Singers – Major Chord Piano Lesson – Second Inversion

Step right up!  It’s time for a tutorial on Major Chord piano lesson, where we will play inversions on piano in 12 keys. This is another video in my series about teaching easy piano skills. ...
Piano for singers how to play major chords in first inversion in all twelve keys. Photo of Piano and voice with Brenda's Brenda Earle Stokes smiling in front of hands on the piano.

Major Chords Piano Lesson – First Inversion in 12 Keys

In this Piano Lesson, I take you through major chords in first inversion in all 12 keys. How to practice your chord inversions Practice your inversions in the key of C, until you play play them with ...
What to do when you're overwhelmed with your music practice. 6 tips from a pro. Teal blue background with Brenda Earle Stokes holding out her arms.

What to do when you’re overwhelmed with your music practice

Now that we are heading into March, I am hearing from lots of folks who are frustrated with their lack of progress in their music study in practice.  In this article, I break down what to do when ...

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