Sing the Melodic Minor Scale in Solfege. Picture of a piano keyboard with Brenda Earle Stokes signing Kodaly hand signs

Solfege Practice – Melodic Minor Scale

This post will take you through how to sing the Melodic Minor Scale in Solfege using the Kodaly hand signs. I dive deep into all things solfege in The Ultimate Guide to Solfege.  Check it out! Solfege ...
Sing the harmonic minor scale in moveable do solfege

Solfege Practice – Harmonic Minor Scale

This video will take you through an easy Solfege practice in harmonic minor.  Solfege is a powerful tool that is often used for singers, but is amazing for musicians of any level.   Solfege helps you ...
How to play My Funny Valentine jazz Piano tutorial

How to Play My Funny Valentine on Piano (jazz)

Calling all jazz pianists (and aspiring jazz pianists!) In this tutorial I show you how to play My Funny Valentine – jazz piano. This version is perfect to accompany yourself singing OR to ...
My funny valentine easy piano tutorial learn piano skills for singers

How to Play My Funny Valentine on Piano (intermediate)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to play My Funny Valentine on Piano.  In this lesson, I will show you an easy-but-awesome version that will be great to sing and play. You’ll even get a ...
Watermelon sugar easy piano tutorial photo of Harry Styles

Watermelon Sugar Piano Tutorial

In this piano tutorial, I tackle Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles.  This song originally came out in his second studio album Fine Line, which was released in 2019. Watermelon Sugar by Justin Bieber ...
Brenda Earle Stokes Back to basics

Back to Basics

I have once again been reminded of the importance of going back to basics in music study. So often I have intermediate and even advanced students whose progress stalls because of issues with their ...

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