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Don't break the chain calendar practice

Don’t break the chain – Practice

I am all about productivity hacks and tips that help me to stay on task and help me get more done in less time.  As a homeschooling mom and small business owner, efficiency is compulsory.  That&; ...
piano skills for singers workshop

Intro to Piano skills for singers LIVE workshop

Are you ready to tackle your piano skills in 2022?  I’m excited to announce the launch of Intro to Piano Skills for Singers – a LIVE workshop that is happening on Friday, January 28th at ...
practice routine in 2022

How to Establish a Practice Routine in 2022

The New Year is here and with it comes a flood of New Year’s resolutions.  Along with “read more books” and “lose those 10 pounds”, I have been seeing lots of people ...

NEW workshop: Crash Course in Pop Piano Accompaniment

I am so excited to announce a brand new LIVE workshop:  Crash Course in Pop Piano Accompaniment.  This workshop has been requested by so many people and I finally got my druthers about me to make it ...
Brenda Earle Stokes motivation monday

Motivation Monday – What to do when you get stuck

In today’s Motivation Monday, I share my best advice on what to do when you get stuck.  How do you get moving again?   ...

Introducing The Versatile Musician Membership!

Today is the day!  After months of early mornings and late nights and binge-working sessions while my son was at camp, I can finally make this announcement!  The Versatile Musician membership is now ...

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