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Brenda Takes a Vacation

Brenda Takes a Vacation

I am writing this from a place I haven’t been in for quite some time:  I am relaxed, I am refocused and reengergized.  After over two years of homeschooling, starting a new business and teaching ...

The Year in Review: 2021-2022

As the school year comes to an end here in the US and summer plans are now underway, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past two years  It has been a momentous, stressful and exhilarating ...
How to play voice exercises on piano Piano for Singers series with Brenda Earle Stokes the owner and creator of Piano and Voice with brenda

Piano for Singers – How to play voice exercises on piano

This tutorial is part of my Piano for Singers series, where I teach the exact skills that singers need to provide a foundation for musical and professional success.  In this tutorial, I teach you how ...

Let’s Talk About Pricing

Someone decided to send this to me via DM.  The crazy part is that this person had already hired me to give a workshop for their school.  They were upset that I had (*gasp*) other products that I was ...
Music teachers protect your ears Brenda Earle Stokes holding her hands over her ears because the music is too loud

Music Teachers Protect Your Ears

Music teachers protect your years! If you are a musician or a music teacher, this video contains CRUCIAL information that you need in order to protect your long-term hearing. Music teachers like you ...
I had vocal fold nodules and this is what I learned. A female singer holding her throat.

I Had Vocal Fold Nodules and This Is What I Learned

This is the true story of my experience with vocal fold nodules.  In 2016, after a bad bout of reflux, I noticed that my voice was getting hoarse.  Assuming that it was some combination of my ...

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