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The Ultimate Guide to Solfege

I am a huge believer in solfege for singers and instrumentalists of all genres – yes, even pop and rock!  Solfege is an incredible, measurable tool for building musicianship skills and ear ...
Piano Skills for Singers 4 accompaniment strategies that work. Piano and voice with brenda owner Brenda Earle Stokes posing in front of the piano keyboard.

Piano for Singers – 4 Piano Accompaniment Strategies that Work

This tutorial is part of my Piano for Singers series, where I teach valuable piano skills that support the needs of singers.  Today I will teach you four easy accompaniment strategies that sound great ...

Allergies be gone! A singer’s struggle with allergies.

Required listening…Allergies by Barenaked Ladies It’s March in NYC and just we’re getting excited to finally put away our heavy coats and observe the buds on the trees and the ...
I had vocal fold nodules and this is what I learned. A female singer holding her throat.

I Had Vocal Fold Nodules and This Is What I Learned

This is the true story of my experience with vocal fold nodules.  In 2016, after a bad bout of reflux, I noticed that my voice was getting hoarse.  Assuming that it was some combination of my ...
Sing the Melodic Minor Scale in Solfege. Picture of a piano keyboard with Brenda Earle Stokes signing Kodaly hand signs

Solfege Practice – Melodic Minor Scale

This post will take you through how to sing the Melodic Minor Scale in Solfege using the Kodaly hand signs. Solfege is a powerful tool that is often used for singers, but is amazing for musicians of ...
Sing the harmonic minor scale in moveable do solfege

Solfege Practice – Harmonic Minor Scale

This video will take you through an easy Solfege practice in harmonic minor.  Solfege is a powerful tool that is often used for singers, but is amazing for musicians of any level.   Solfege helps you ...

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