The Ultimate Guide to Solfege

I am a huge believer in solfege for singers and instrumentalists of all genres – yes, even pop and rock!  Solfege is an incredible, measurable tool for building musicianship skills and ear ...

Here There and Everywhere Beatles piano tutorial

In this piano tutorial, I show you how to play Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles. This is such a beautiful song that one of my private students requested and I made up a very simple but ...

Piano for Singers: The Complete Guide

One subject that frequently comes up in the singer community is piano skills.  Piano skills are often a cause of confusion and frustration for singers.  This article provides The Complete Guide to ...
How to read a lead sheet on piano using four simple steps.

How to read a lead sheet

The ability to read a lead sheet is a not-super-difficult skill that every musician needs to have.  No more struggling through challening fully notated piano music; a lead sheet is a form of musical ...
How to play a chord chart on piano

How to read a chord chart on piano

Chord charts an an easily accessible way to play songs.  You don’t need to be able to read music to do it!  A chord chart is also known as a lyrics and chords sheet and consists of only that:  the ...
How to play voice exercises on piano Piano for Singers series with Brenda Earle Stokes the owner and creator of Piano and Voice with brenda

Piano for Singers – How to play voice exercises on piano

This tutorial is part of my Piano for Singers series, where I teach the exact skills that singers need to provide a foundation for musical and professional success.  In this tutorial, I teach you ...

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