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Motivation Monday tell someone productivity talk music

Motivation Monday – Tell People!

It’s #motivationmonday again and this week I share a couple of personal stories of how you should tell people what you are working on, so  can actually make it happen!  How could you benefit ...
Motivation Monday it's never too late productivity music

It’s Never Too Late to Be Who You Might Have Been

Every Monday, I post a video about practicing, inspiration, time management and other topics that are meant to motivate you to really give it your best work.  This week, I talk about a favorite ...
Motivation Monday from envy to insight productivity music

Motivation Monday – From Envy to Insight

Time for some motivation!  Envy can be a destructive force, which can hinder your growth as an artist and business owner.  In this video, I share with you my technique for turning envy into insight. ...
Motivation Monday 168 hours Laura Vanderkam book

168 Hours, You Have More Time Than You Think

I am all about trying to find more time in my days.  As a homeschool mom, business owner and professional musician, I am stretched THIN.  Enter Laura Vanderkam, an author and time management expert. ...
Motivation Monday best way to practice music productivity

Motivation Monday – What’s the Best Way to Practice?

#motivationmonday Everyone always wants to know “What’s the best way to practice?”  In this video I share my format for successful practicing tips, which I learned from a ...
Motivation Monday I will never be able to do that productivity music

Motivation Monday – I Will Never Be Able To Do That!

Looking for a little #motivationmonday?  In this video, I address that old bad habit of saying “I will never be able to do that” and how we can use that to help us actually achieve our ...

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