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A messy NYC music studio that needs cleaning.

Organizing my music studio

Alright friends:  Reality check time.  Oh man.  This is bad.  What happened in this place?  Goodness gracious.  What a mess!  What in the Holy heck is going on in this space.  It is really bad. ...
motivation monday chat on productivity and getting things done

Motivation Monday: Move a muscle, change a thought

I am often asked how I get everything done.  Between homeschooling my son, running a busy private studio and building my online course business, I understand busy.  I can share with you a huge ...
motivation Monday what is holding you back productivity music

Motivation Monday: What is holding you back?

In my never-ending quest for self-improvement, I am always looking for ways to take a deeper look at my mindset and productivity.  In this case, I take a moment and ask myself the question “ ...
Greg McKeown Essentialism book productivity Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday: Essentialism

It’s Motivation Monday! Today I talk about an amazing book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown. It combines minimalism with productivity and I have been working on a lot of these principles to ...
Motivation Monday small steps every day productivity talk

Motivation Monday: Small Steps Every Day

It’s #motivationmonday again and this is week I’m talking about my newest productivity method.  Rather than binge working a few times a week, I am setting up smaller, more frequent sessions.  Since ...
Motivation Monday mission statement productivity talk music

Is it time for a mission statement?

In this week’s #motivationmonday I talk about how navigating social media has helped me to get clear on my mission statement. It is easy to get lost in the likes and follows and totally lose track ...

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