Introducing The Versatile Musician Membership!

Today is the day!  After months of early mornings and late nights and binge-working sessions while my son was at camp, I can finally make this announcement!  The Versatile Musician membership is now ...

Rhythm Practice Quarter Note Triplet

There are few rhythms that cause people more confusion than the quarter note triplet. “How are there three quarter notes in two beats?” “What is the bracket for?”  In this ...

Solfege Practice – Natural Minor Scale

This video is Solfege practice in minor.  Solfege is a powerful tool that is often used for singers, but is amazing for musicians of any level.   Solfege helps you to build strong ears so you can hear ...
How to play the time warp rocky horror picture show on piano halloween music

The Time Warp Piano tutorial

Any other Rocky Horror Picture show lovers out there?  Check out this fun The Time Warp piano tutorial, guaranteed to solicit and epic singalong at this year’s Halloween party! “Now do the ...
learn to play the monster mast on piano hands on piano Brenda Earle Stokes

Monster Mash Piano Tutorial

It’s that time of year again for some fun Halloween song tutorials.  Check out this fun Monster Mash Tutorial – guaranteed to erupt in a singalong at your trick or treating party! The ...
Brenda preparing audition book for music theater auditions

How to prepare audition book for singers

As a pianist, voice coach and longtime accompanist, I have a LOT to say about music preparation.  When I show up to play piano for auditions, there is nothing that fills me with dread more than music ...

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