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Master Major Scale Fingerings on Piano

Master Major Scale Fingerings on Piano This tutorial is all about how to master major scale fingerings on the piano.  I am going to break down the who, what, why and how of major scales and how to ...
ireal pro how to use tutorial

Tutorial: How to use the iReal Pro app

It’s #tutorialtuesday and this was a special request from some of the #theversatilemusician community. This week I created a step-by-step how to use the #irealpro app.  The iReal Pro is an ...
motivation Monday what is holding you back productivity music

Motivation Monday: What is holding you back?

In my never-ending quest for self-improvement, I am always looking for ways to take a deeper look at my mindset and productivity.  In this case, I take a moment and ask myself the question “ ...

Piano Skills and Ear Training #4

This is video #4 in my Piano Skills and Ear Training series!  This week we will maneuver through the I-IV-V7-I chord progression in all 12 keys using smooth voice leading.  Once we’ve mastered that, ...
Motivation Monday best way to practice music productivity

Motivation Monday – What’s the Best Way to Practice?

#motivationmonday Everyone always wants to know “What’s the best way to practice?”  In this video I share my format for successful practicing tips, which I learned from a ...
Motivation Monday sometimes practicing is boring productivity music

Sometimes Practicing is Boring

#MotivationMonday Sometimes practicing is boring!  In this short chat, I address the topic of boredom and how James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) and Twyla Tharp discuss it in their respective ...

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