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motivation Monday post music tips by Brenda Earle Stokes

Motivation Monday: New is not always better

One of the biggest issues I see with emerging musicians is that they are always on quest to learn new material.  The issue?  NEW IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER! This week’s video In this week’s...
Motivation Monday mission statement productivity talk music

Is it time for a mission statement?

In this week’s #motivationmonday I talk about how navigating social media has helped me to get clear on my mission statement. It is easy to get lost in the likes and follows and totally lose track of...
Motivation Monday 168 hours Laura Vanderkam book

168 Hours, You Have More Time Than You Think

I am all about trying to find more time in my days.  As a homeschool mom, business owner and professional musician, I am stretched THIN.  Enter Laura Vanderkam, an author and time management expert...

Money Matters For Musicians

In Money Matters for Musicians, I interview Financial Planner and Broadway Percussionist Dave Roth. I first conducted this interview back in 2019, before the pandemic attacked our industry.  I almost...
All keyed up podcast piano teaching piano keyboard and logo

All Keyed up Podcast interview

My friend and former NYSMF alum Ben Kapilow had me as a guest on the All Keyed Up podcast. The podcast is all about piano teachers and Ben has curated an amazing group of guests to chat all about...
Motivation Monday draw a straight line productivity music

Motivation Monday – Draw a Straight Line

I wanted to share today about a topic that comes up a LOT.  I have frequently coming across musicians and music students who are frustrated with a lock of progress.  Since I am a known for being the...

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