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Piano for Singers: The Complete Guide

One subject that frequently comes up in the singer community is piano skills.  Piano skills are often a cause of confusion and frustration for singers.  This article provides The Complete Guide to ...
How to read a lead sheet on piano using four simple steps.

How to read a lead sheet

The ability to read a lead sheet is a not-super-difficult skill that every musician needs to have.  No more struggling through challening fully notated piano music; a lead sheet is a form of musical ...
How to play a chord chart on piano

How to read a chord chart on piano

Chord charts an an easily accessible way to play songs.  You don’t need to be able to read music to do it!  A chord chart is also known as a lyrics and chords sheet and consists of only that:  the ...
Piano Skills for Singers 4 accompaniment strategies that work. Piano and voice with brenda owner Brenda Earle Stokes posing in front of the piano keyboard.

Piano for Singers – 4 Piano Accompaniment Strategies that Work

This tutorial is part of my Piano for Singers series, where I teach valuable piano skills that support the needs of singers.  Today I will teach you four easy accompaniment strategies that sound ...
Bad Habits piano tutorial thumbnail. Photo of hands on the piano. Photo of Ed Sheeran with crazy clown makeup on from the music video of the song.

Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran Piano Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to play a cool arrangement of Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran.  This song has a lot of great elements in it – an awesome guitar hook (which I’ll show you), a- ...
Piano for singers Minor chord inversions Brenda Earle Stokes with hands on piano. Piano and Voice with Brenda logo

Minor Chord Inversions on Piano

Step right up!  It’s time for a tutorial on Minor Chord Inversions on piano.  In this lesson, where we will play inversions on piano in 12 keys. This is another video in my series about ...

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