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Practice in all 12 keys split the octave

There’s More Than One Way to Split the Octave

If you are practicing repeated work like chords, scales, arpeggios, chord progressions or finger exercises, it is useful to practice through all 12 keys in different orders.  If you always practice ...
Rhythm exercise downbeats and upbeats

Downbeats and Upbeats Workout

Struggling with your rhythm?  In this workout video, I show you a super easy way to build your comprehension and ability with rhythm.  Clap along with Brenda and tap along with the “foot cam& ...
Most played vocal jazz introductions for piano

Vocal Jazz Introductions

Every jazz vocalist and every instrumentalist that works with a jazz vocalist needs to know how to start the song.  Having a collection of vocal jazz introductions at the ready will help you to keep ...
Brenda Earle Stokes count off the jazz band how to

How to Count Off the Jazz Band

Knowing how to count off the jazz band is a really important skill that every musician should have.  Singers and instrumentalists alike should feel comfortable counting off the band in any tempo and ...
how to walk a jazz bass line on piano

How to Walk a Bass Line

Calling all jazzers (or aspiring jazzers)!  This awesome video is going to teach you how to walk a bass line on any jazz standard.  It is super easy and straight ahead and I will take you step-by ...
Bossa nova vamps jazz piano tutorial

3 Cool Bossa Nova Vamps

For anyone who is a jazz instrumentalist, vocalist or enthusiast, you know that the Bossa Nova is a staple of this music.  Songs by Jobim and Gilberto are part of our repertoire, and we love to ...

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