Whip your RHYTHM CHOPS into SHAPE.
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Once you purchase access to this fabulous course - you will receive it inside my comprehensive Versatile Musician Membership platform. I only make this course available through this platform because over the years I have found that my students benefit enormously.

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RHYTHM WORKOUT is the highly requested new course, designed to get your rhythm chops in shape.

Structured like an EXERCISE CLASS, Brenda subdivides and claps hundreds of rhythm combinations, counting and subdividing until you ACHIEVE MASTERY.

What You'll Learn In This Course

How to develop a natural steady pulse

How to count and subdivide quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets and sixteenth notes with ease

Jazz rhythms, including how to swing and phrase

How to count challenging syncopations and quarter note triples

Creative uses of rhythm tools like the metronome and apps like the iReal Pro

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This Course Includes...

10 Sections of Material
Well organized & easy to follow

58 Video Lessons
Every exercise is clapped and counted aloud

83 Page Course Book
Every exercise meticulously notated with clear instructions

Practice Checklist
Get the most benefit from your practice time

My Proven Method
Used to teach hundreds of people worldwide, from beginners to advanced musicians

A Clear Pathway
Take the mystery out of how to improve!

Take a look inside the course curriculum!

Section 1: The Basics

Section 2: Quarter Notes

Section 3: Eighth Notes

Section 4: Beats and Off-Beats

Section 5: Syncopated Rhythms

Section 6: Triplets

Section 7: Swung Eighth Notes & Jazz Rhythms

Section 8: Sixteenth Notes

Section 9: Mixed Rhythms & Odd Time Signatures



This is a great workout guaranteed to challenge you, no matter your level or what musical style you play.
This Rhythm Workout is designed to get you in shape!

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Monthly Zoom Calls: Our vault holds ALL calls since the membership's beginnings

The Help Desk: Answers to FAQs and tips to organize your practice space

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