Unlock your CREATIVITY and find FREEDOM at the piano.
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Once you purchase access to this fabulous course - you will receive it inside my comprehensive Versatile Musician Membership platform. I only make this course available through this platform because over the years I have found that my students benefit enormously.


Learn how to explore different HARMONIC material, melodic ideas, ACCOMPANIMENT TECHNIQUES and starting points for creating IMPROVISATION COMPOSITIONS. In addition, we cover how to improvise pop piano solos and jam on the blues!

Why Improvise?

Build your technique

Improve your understanding of theory

Level up your ear training

Create your own music

Get inspired

Have fun!

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What You'll Learn

  • Mindset to get you ready to improvise
  • How to improvise using rhythm, melody, form and articulation
  • Black note improvisations
  • Improvising using obstinato patterns
  • How to jam on the Blues
  • How to play great pop piano solos
  • Improvisation using the Diatonic and Tonic Modes
  • How to create improvisation compositions

This Course Includes...

6 Sections of Material
Well organized & easy to follow

48 Video Lessons
With a clear view of the piano keyboard

42 Page Course Book
Every exercise meticulously notated with clear instructions

Practice Checklist
Get the most benefit from your practice time

My Proven Method
Used to teach hundreds of pianists of different levels -  from beginner to advanced

A Clear Pathway
Take the mystery out of how to improve!

Check out what past students are saying...

Piano Improvisation for Everyone is an obvious choice for pianists who are curious about improvising, but it’s just as valuable for someone like me, whose primary instrument is not piano. Highly recommended!

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Andrea Wolper
Vocalist, Composer, Educator
Brooklyn, NY

Brenda, Thank you for your course! It fully lived up to its promise to teach me every skill I need in my studio in a few weeks of short daily practice. The icing on the cake is that you gave lots more information that I can get as much out of as I put into it digging deeper. I look forward to continuing to practice my "faking" skills and soon be accompanying myself and my students.


Winnie Fristoe
Vocalist & Teacher
Houston, TX


Learn to improvise!
Unlock your creativity and freedom of expression.
And have FUN doing it.

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