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Once you purchase access to this fabulous course - you will receive it inside my comprehensive Versatile Musician Membership platform. I only make this course available through this platform because over the years I have found that my students benefit enormously.

Jazz can be learned!

Brenda performing with a jazz trio at a club

After 25 years of international performances as a jazz pianist and educator, I am sharing my exclusive method of teaching authentic jazz piano.

This course takes you through the exact method I use with my private students and it is clear, concise and will have you playing authentic jazz piano in record time!

My Zoom teaching set up for private lessons

What you'll LEARN :

  • How to read a lead sheet
  • How to play a variety of chord qualities in 12 keys
  • How to interpret jazz rhythms, including back beat, swing feel and phrasing
  • How to walk a bass line
  • How to comp (playing chords in a rhythmic manner)
  • How to play great jazz piano voicings (choosing different chord tones and extensions to create a different harmonic landscape)
  • How to play a Ballad, a Bossa Nova and other Latin styles
  • How to improvise in the jazz style at the piano!

This Course Includes...

12 Sections of Material
Well organized & easy to follow

70+ Video Lessons
With a clear view of the piano keyboard

119 Page Course Book
Every exercise meticulously notated with clear instructions

Practice Checklist
Get the most benefit from your practice time

My Proven Method
Used to teach hundreds of pianists from all backgrounds and skills levels

A Clear Pathway
Take the mystery out of how to improve!

The 10 Sections in this Course

Section 1: The Basic Blues
Learn the blues form, bassline, a melody, comping figures, and putting it all together!

Section 2: The Jazz Blues
Build on what you learned in Section 1 while learning how to play in a convincing authentic jazz style.

Section 3: Jazz Standards
Learn how to accompany yourself as you sing jazz standards!

Section 4: All About Comping
Get started with playing jazz comping patterns behind other musicians.

Section 5: The 2-5-1 Progression
Become a master of the most popular chord progression in jazz.

Section 6: Two Note Shell Voicings on the Blues

Section 7: Two Note Shell Voicings on the 2-5-1 Progression

Section 8: Playing Ballads & Bossa Novas

Section 9: Three Note Shell Voicings

Section 10: Playing in Minor


IMAGINE being able to accompany yourself in an authentic jazz style.

IMAGINE knowing how to perform jazz standards on the piano.

IMAGINE finally gaining a skill you've wanted to have for so long!

Does this course provide transformation? You betcha!

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I think I'm genuinely obsessed with this course! No joke! Thanks so much for making it. I can't tell you much it is doing for my musicianship and confidence!

Mel Lathouras.jpg

Mel Lathouras
Jazz vocalist and voice teacher
Brisbane, Australia,

Brenda is an inspiration She loves and breathes her passion for piano and her course is clear, concise and it works ! I can’t wait to get to the piano every day now! Thanks Brenda!!


Kath Williams
Singer/Voice Teacher
Queensland, Australia

I seriously LOVE your courses - they have been so liberating. For the first time in my life i have been feeling like "oh i can do this". You opened the piano door for me that i previously felt was closed...


Teneha Greco
Singer, music teacher and owner of Little Magpie Music
Brisbane, Australia

Give yourself the gift of a skill you’ve been wanting to get together for a long time. It's possible!

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How to sing harmonies

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Piano Pedaling technique

How to play Latin Jazz Styles

Pop piano solos and fills

Christmas piano music accompaniment strategies

Playing in unfamiliar keys

The mechanics of singing

Vocal warmups that work

Worship music techniques

Adding interest to chords using cadences and sus chords

Solo jazz piano styles

Instrumental piano arrangements

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