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Sing your way to AMAZING ear training.
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Once you purchase access to this fabulous course - you will receive it inside my comprehensive Versatile Musician Membership platform. I only make this course available through this platform because over the years I have found that my students benefit enormously.

Do you struggle to SING IN TUNE?

Do you need to build your MUSICIANSHIP SKILLS?

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of MUSIC THEORY?

Are you looking for new material to help your STUDENTS GROW?

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Crash Course in Solfege is an all-in-one course for developing your ear training, aural skills and music theory.

Solfege (do, re, mi, etc) is a centuries-old method of ear training that I have adapted for 21st Century singers.

Crash Course in Solfege Includes...

4 Sections of Material
Well organized & easy to follow

60+ Video Lessons
All exercises will be sung and Kodaly hand signs demonstrated

80 Page Course Book
Every exercise meticulously notated with clear instructions

Practice Checklist
Get the most benefit from your practice time

My Proven Method
Used to teach hundreds of folks from all backgrounds and levels

A Clear Pathway
Take the mystery out of how to improve!


What You'll Learn

  • A proven method of scales and patterns designed to build your ear training skills
  • Learn to sing Major as well as Natural, Harmonic, Melodic Minor and the
  • How to master the Chromatic Scale
  • A singing lesson to learn how to best use your voice.
  • Downloadable voice warmup MP3s
  • Custom made Kodaly hand signs posters
  • All exercises sung by female and male voices
  • How to use Solfege in your musical life
  • Sight singing workshop

Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Curriculum!

Welcome to Crash Course in Solfege the Bundle!

  • Welcome to the course!
  • How the voice works
  • Breathing and Posture
  • Voice Exercises
  • Warm ups

Crash Course in Solfege MAJOR Edition

  • Singing up and down the scale
  • The Kodaly hand signs
  • The tonic triad
  • Moving notes to resting notes
  • "the pattern" ascending
  • "the pattern" describing
  • "the pattern" ascending & descending
  • The whole wazoo

Crash Course in Solfege MINOR Edition

  • Section 1: Natural Minor
  • Section 2: Harmonic Minor
  • Section 3: Melodic Minor
  • The Chromatic Scale
  • Using Solfege in Your Musical Life
  • Additional Ear Training Tutorials

Does this course provide transformation? You betcha!

Check out what these folks are saying...

I cannot thank you enough for the effects I am experiencing with your Solfege Crash Course. One of my students had such intonation issues and we have worked through your solfege major course and it did wonders for her.


Maiko Andreo
Singer/Voice Teacher
Berlin, Germany

You have a gift of taking complex topics and breaking them down in innovative ways while giving us efficient methods for practice. I can’t wait for your next course and teaching!

Melisa Ramb.jpg

Dr. Melissa Ramb
Director of Choristers at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke
Orlando, FL

This was a very helpful course for me, and the sight-singing segment and tips for singing tougher exercises like chromatic scales will really help me as I teach my singers. Thank you for this very relevant material!

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 12.07.06 PM

Shellah Saunders
Piano and voice Teacher
New York and Ontario, Canada

Develop your ear training, aural skills, and music theory all in this bundled crash course when you join the membership!

When you join the membership, you'll ALSO get...

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Music Theory: Useful training that will answer your questions!

“How to” Mini Lessons: Over 60 unique tutorials on a wide range of topics.

Monthly Zoom Calls: Our vault holds ALL calls since the membership's beginnings

The Help Desk: Answers to FAQs and tips to organize your practice space

50+ individual song tutorials from jazz to pop, holiday songs to rock classics

Motivation and Practice Tips: Informal chats to motivate and inspire from a 25 yr music veteran

...and 15+ other courses as well, including these!
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EVERY Zoom call is recorded and uploaded to the site. You’ll have access to every session we’ve done since the membership began!
So far we've covered these topics...

How to harmonize a melody on piano

How to sing harmonies

How to play by ear

Jazz Chords Decoded

Piano Pedaling technique

How to play Latin Jazz Styles

Pop piano solos and fills

Christmas piano music accompaniment strategies

Playing in unfamiliar keys

The mechanics of singing

Vocal warmups that work

Worship music techniques

Adding interest to chords using cadences and sus chords

Solo jazz piano styles

Instrumental piano arrangements

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