Video: Live solo performance of Weaver of Dreams

In June 2019, I recorded my first ever solo album.  We recorded the entire album in just 4 hours in my hometown of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.  Just me, my voice, a couple of microphones and a gorgeous Steinway piano.  Engineered by my old friend Adam Miner, it felt like I was recording in my living room and I was able to open up in a way I had never felt able to again.

Here is a video shot live from the CD release for that album, performed at Pangea in NYC.  This is one of my favorite jazz standards of all time and I tried to use everything available to me on the piano.  This is a celebration of my love of jazz!

To buy the album, check out my Bandcamp page!

Want to learn how to play jazz?  Check out my online course Jazz Piano Accompaniment and you’ll be playing before you know it!

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