Brenda singing and playing piano

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These singers have invested in their piano skills. Look what they are saying...

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent courses and teaching! I have benefitted from your Piano Skills for Singers and used your Crash Course in Solfege with my private voice students & Choristers. You have a gift of taking complex topics and breaking them down in innovative ways while giving us efficient methods for practice. I can’t wait for your next course and teaching!

Melissa Ramb

Dr. Melissa Ramb
Director of Choristers at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke
Orlando, FL

Piano Improvisation for Everyone is an obvious choice for pianists who are curious about improvising, but it’s just as valuable for someone like me, whose primary instrument is not piano. First, because it’s always useful to approach things we already do in fresh ways and the course is broadening my palette as both an improviser and a teacher of improvisation. I’m already noticing a positive impact on my facility at the keyboard! Highly recommended!

andrea wolper photo

Andrea Wolper
Jazz Vocalist, Songwriter, and Educator
Brooklyn, NY

Brenda’s Piano Skills for Singers courses have been a Godsend for me. I studied piano as a small child and had an awful block when it came to fluidity on the piano. Over the years I’ve tried different things, but I still felt incompetent when it came to accompanying myself or my students. I’ve been practicing with Brenda’s courses for a couple of months and I feel the difference in my playing. She is methodical and clear and has been really helpful in guiding me beyond my inner invisible wall with the instrument. Thanks Brenda for your grace and contributions!

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

They are absolutely fabulous courses is so great that I can watch and re-watch the videos over and over. I have learned so much and my skill level is increasing in leaps and bounds. I am now able to play with confidence when I am teaching, yay👏👏👏 thank you so much 🙏🙏🎹🎹

Robin Streiner

Robin Streiner
Singer and Teacher