VIDEO: How to use the Drum Genius App – a super fun metronome alternative

I am a big proponent of practicing with the metronome and force encourage all of my students to practice with it all day long as often as possible.   If you’re like me, you are probably keen on finding fun ways to make developing strong time and rhythm a priority.  Enter Drum Genius – a fabulous app that is like having your own personal drummer to play great grooves at a variety of tempos.  

The cool thing about Drum Genius is that the drum grooves are sampled from actual drummers playing specific grooves.  Some of my favorites:  

Roger Hawkins on Paul Simon’s Kodachrome
Jeff Porcaro on Toto’s Rosanna
Baiao ala Duduka Da Fonsco
Classic Backbeat like Louis Bellson on “Blues Around the Clock


Enjoy this video?  Check out the entire suite of online courses HERE.

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