What is Micropracticing?

Chances are, every time you sit down to play piano you are making mistakes at some point. Have you ever taken a moment to identify what those things are?

Try this: the next time you are teaching a voice lesson, running a choral rehearsal or just practicing, keep a pen and paper handy and jot down where you are making mistakes.

Are you playing a voice exercise pattern perfectly all the time except in the key of B (or Gb or Db..)?

Do you struggle with playing part of a melody?

Are you not consistently playing minor triads?

Is there a song that is so fast that you can’t really play it in real time?

Whatever it is, just write it down. At the end of the day, have a look at the list and decide which one is bugging you the most. Then put it on a Post It, stick it to the piano and every time you sit down to practice START with that. Even if you only work on it for 5 minutes at a time, just start with it.

I call this Micropracticing – fixing tiny issues that show up in your playing one by one in tiny focused sessions. Since so many of us are bogged down with running our studios and juggling all of our students, most of us don’t have enough time to have a proper practice session.

You will be shocked by how much of an impact Micropracticing can have on your skills at the piano. Make that list of issues and tackle them one at a time. Resist the urge to do more than one, as it will not be as effective.

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