Piano Skills for Singers

Are You Struggling With Your Lack of Piano Skills?

a warm welcome & overview from brenda earle stokes

Are you ever embarrassed when you are unable to play for your students?
Do you feel inferior to singers who can play piano?
Have you taken piano lessons in the past and found that the process is slow, frustrating and difficult?
What if I told you that there is an easier way?


I’m Brenda Earle Stokes and I help busy singers and voice teachers achieve greater confidence and ease at the piano in just 20 minutes a day, so they can experience freedom in their teaching and performing without feeling overwhelmed and investing time in expensive private lessons.

My first instrument and both of my college degrees are in piano, and I always my facility on the piano for granted.  Over the years, more and more singers and voice teachers have come to my private studio, frustrated and embarrassed by their lack of piano skills.  I have developed a clear and concise method of curated skills that every singer needs, which are broken down into easy and manageable steps.

Gain more confidence and freedom at the piano in the most direct and cost-effective way possible!

Looking to get your piano skills together once and for all?

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Piano Skills for Singers are unique online piano courses designed to help singers and voice teachers develop the exact skills they need in order to be fluent at the keyboard and successful in their careers.

each course comes with:

Online video lessons with a close up of the piano keyboard
Lifetime 24/7 access to the courses
Downloadable print material that includes meticulously notated exercises
Live support via a private Facebook group

"This is a fantastic course and an absolute game-changer for voice teachers. Seriously. If your piano is just for scales, and you're convinced that you can't learn to play, think again! You don't have to be a brilliant pianist to accompany your students! Thank you, Brenda!"

Meredith Colby, Chicago voice teacher, Speaker, Blogger, Author of Money Notes

"Brenda is an inspiration She loves and breathes her passion for piano and her course is clear, concise and it works ! I can’t wait to get to the piano every day now! Thanks Brenda!!"

Kath Williams, Singer & Voice Teacher

"Brenda, Thank you for your course!  It fully lived up to its promise to teach me every basic I need in my studio in a few weeks of short daily practice. The icing on the cake is that you gave lots more information that I can get as much out of as I put into it digging deeper. I look forward to continuing to practice my "faking" skills and soon be accompanying myself and my students."

Winnie Fristoe, Singer & Voice Teacher

Which Piano Skills for Singers Course is Right for me?

Level 1 is right for you if...

  • You have never played piano before
  • You need a strong foundation to get started
  • You haven’t taken piano lessons in a long time
  • You want a simple starting point
  • You want to get back into a practice routine

Level 2 is right for you if...

  • You have completed Level 1
  • You have piano experience, but there are a lot of gaps in your ability
  • You need to learn how to play chords
  • You need to learn how to create your own accompaniments
  • You need to learn how to play voice exercises in 12 keys easily

read on to learn more about each course...

Level 1: The Basics

This course provides clear and concise piano instruction to build piano skills that are useful for singers, singing teachers, general music teachers, choral conductors, songwriters, or anyone who wants to have more facility on the piano.

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I know it seems daunting to start working on a new instrument, or worse – on an instrument that you’ve tried to learn and given up. I’m telling you that could all turn around today.

For only $99, you can build the skills you need to be more effective at the keyboard and to have more useable skills for your private studio! This is less than the cost of ONE private lesson and you can take it over and over again.

level 1 includes

12 video lessons, which have a clear view of the keyboard
40-page coursebook, which includes all of the exercises.
Access the content as often as you want 24/7
A clear and direct approach to learning
Lots of bonus material
A method to begin the art of “faking”
Learn from the comfort of your own studio
Work at your own pace
Live support via a private Facebook group

Give yourself the gift of a skill you’ve been wanting to get together for a long time, in just 15 minutes a day. It’s possible!

30-day money back guarantee backed by the Teachable platform

Level 2: The Singer's Toolkit

We'll skip the useless material that is often taught in piano classes and go right for the skills that will help specifically singers and voice teachers in their studios immediately. The approach is direct, simple, and is a clear pathway to success at the keyboard.

5.How to Get the Most out of Your Private lessons

Piano training is one of the most crucial skills that any singer or voice professional needs to have and is often lacking in singers of all styles. Many singers feel held back in their careers because they don't feel comfortable at the piano and aren't able to fully utilize it as a tool. This course has grown out of hundreds of hours of lessons, teaching singers how to be fully functional at the piano.

level 2 includes

How to play with correct technique, posture and hand position
How to get comfortable playing in all 12 keys
How to play the most commonly used vocal exercises in 12 keys
How to read chord symbols
How to create on-the-spot piano accompaniment parts without having to read every single note on the page.
How to finally get your sight reading together.
Live support via a private Facebook group
BONUS: How to teach at the piano all day without killing your back (or your neck, or your wrists)

My approach is direct. There are no method books full of exercises that you'll never use. No fussy scale fingerings that you have to memorize. No random patterns to memorize. All you will learn are the skills that you can use in your everyday life as a singer, voice teacher or conductor.

30-day money back guarantee backed by the Teachable platform

Or check out my other courses and services...

Jazz Piano Accompaniment

Now more than ever, singers are pulled towards becoming fluid and confident on the piano. As a performing jazz singer and pianist, I have had the great pleasure of teaching a great many wonderful singers to accompany themselves on piano. This course is clear, concise, and will have you accompanying yourself and your students quickly and easily.

Piano Improvisation for Everyone!

A course designed to get you improvising satisfying music at the piano. In this unique curriculum, you will learn a variety of techniques to get started improvising exciting music at the keyboard. Learn how to explore different harmonic material, melodic ideas, accompaniment techniques and started points for creating improvisation compositions. In addition, we cover how to improvise pop piano solos and jam on the blues! Perfect for anyone who has some piano experience and is a great resource for piano teachers looking to expand their teaching!

Private Piano & Voice Lessons

I teach students all over the world via Skype and FaceTime. One-on-one instruction is a great way to dig deep into your musical life and I design a custom curriculum that will set you on the road to achieving your musical goals. Contact me for more information!

“I've been studying with her for just over a year and a half and can truly see improvement and movement towards my goals. I'm never afraid to be myself, ask questions, or make the mistakes I need to make in order to take my skills to the next level.." - Devlin Booth, Student