**NEW** Crash Course in Solfege

Looking to improve you ear and sing more IN TUNE?

a warm welcome & overview from brenda earle stokes

Do you struggle to sing in tune?
Do you need to build your musicianship skills to support your work?
Are you looking to deepen your understanding of music theory?
Are you looking for new material to help your students grow?
What if I told you that Solfege is the ticket to exponential musical growth?

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Crash Course in Solfege: The Bundle is a new course created by master educator Brenda Earle Stokes, the owner and creator of Piano and Voice with Brenda.  With 25 years of experience as an educator, Solfege has been one of Brenda’s secret weapons to assist students in growing their knowledge and intuition as musicians.  

Brenda has bundled together two of her most popular courses: Crash Course Solfege: Major Edition and Minor Edition and has created a ton of BONUS material.

Crash Course in Solfege: Major Edition consists of 8 lessons that consist of exercises designed to make you fluent in Moveable Do Solfege.  All of the material is carefully explained and all of the exercises are broken down and sung by both female and male voices.  This course comes with a downloadable course book, MP3s of Do Drones and a custom Kodaly hand signs poster that you can hang in your practice space or classroom. 

Crash Course in Solfege: Minor Edition covers Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor We take a deep dive into Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor, using La-based Moveable Do Solfege and learning to master the Kodaly hand signs at the same time. Each video lesson explains all of the relevant theory information and Brenda walks you through each note of the scale. There is an accompanying video of a male voice singing all of the exercises as well.  The course includes a 25-page downloadable course book and downloadable posts of the Kodaly hand signs.  

The BONUS material includes a lecture on how the voice works, plus two 25-minute vocal training sessions - one by female voice and one by a male voice, as well as a downloadable 7-minute vocal warmup session designed to get you ready to sing through the exercises.  There is an entire section on the Chromatic Scale, complete with exercises and advice.

AND - there is an additional section that shows creative ways of applying Solfege into your musical life.  Learn how to use Solfege to play by ear, to transpose and to improve your sight singing.  

You don't need to have a theory background to do this course and you definitely don't have to be able to read music. This course also serves as an excellent preparatory step to get ready to learn how to sight sing. This is the perfect course for you to use alone or with a teacher, and is a phenomenal resource for choir directors, private music teachers and more.

Sing in tune, understand theory and build your musicianship beyond your wildest dreams!

Looking to get your piano skills together once and for all?

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Crash Course in Solfege: The Bundle is a unique online course designed to build your musical ear quickly and efficiently!

this course comes with:

Online video lessons with clear and organized instruction
All Exercises sung by female and male voices
Lifetime 24/7 access to the courses
Downloadable print material that includes meticulously notated exercises
Free downloadable posters of the Kodaly hand signs
Live support via a private Facebook group

"Brenda, Thank you for your course!  It fully lived up to its promise to teach me every basic I need in my studio in a few weeks of short daily practice. The icing on the cake is that you gave lots more information that I can get as much out of as I put into it digging deeper. I look forward to continuing to practice my "faking" skills and soon be accompanying myself and my students."

Winnie Fristoe, Singer & Voice Teacher

"Brenda is an inspiration She loves and breathes her passion for piano and her course is clear, concise and it works ! I can’t wait to get to the piano every day now! Thanks Brenda!!"

Kath Williams, Singer & Voice Teacher

"This is a fantastic course and an absolute game-changer for voice teachers. Seriously. If your piano is just for scales, and you're convinced that you can't learn to play, think again! You don't have to be a brilliant pianist to accompany your students! Thank you, Brenda!"

Meredith Colby, Chicago voice teacher, Speaker, Blogger, Author of Money Notes

Is Crash Course in Solfege right for you?

This is the course for you if  you...

    • are a singer or instrumentalist
    • are a beginner, intermediate or advanced musician
    • can read music or can't read music
    • need to sing more in tune
    • want to understand theory in a more tactile way
    • want to build your ears to hear melody and harmony better
    • are a music teacher or choral conductor who wants new tools to help your students
    • want to sing harmonies
    • want to bring your musical skills to the next level!

My approach is creative and hands on, from start to finish.  No complicated theory to memorize - just my proven method of exploring ear training in a way that will enlighten and expand your musical life.

30-day money back guarantee backed by the Teachable platform

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