Motivation Monday – The Case for Musicianship

For today’s video, I talk about all things #musicianship and why they hold the key to true musical success. Many students are focused on the more sexy topics in music, like technique (who doesn’t want to sing high notes or play flashy piano runs?) or repertoire (song selection is an obsessive topic among educators), but for many, working on their foundational understanding of pitch and rhythm is much more important.
Which brings me to the EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! The new course is called…Crash Course in Solfege: The Bundle!
I have bundled my bestselling courses Crash Course in Solfege: Major Edition and Crash Course in Solfege: Minor Edition and added a ton of BONUS material. There is a new section on The Chromatic Scale, two complete voice lessons (one sung by me and one sung by jazz wunderkind Dylan Pramuk) plus a deep dive into a bunch of creative ways to use Solfege in your life. Want to learn how to play by ear? Get your sight singing in tip top shape?
This is a great course for students, and also amazing for music teachers, who have been wanting to teach this to their students but haven’t known exactly how.
Stay tuned for news on the presale. Coming soon….

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