In-Person Lessons

Piano Lessons

  • Beginners, intermediate and advanced level players of all ages
  • Classical training, with focus on excellent technique, note reading and interpretation
  • Jazz or Pop training for all levels
  • Jazz and Pop Piano for Classically Trained pianists
  • Piano skills for singers – singers can learn to accompany themselves on piano in a fun and easy to get started way
  • Piano skills for songwriters

  • Voice Lessons

    • Vocal technique – discover your best sound in a healthy way
    • Extend your range, both low and high
    • Healthy belting and mix for jazz, pop and rock
    • Musicianship skills – rhythm and pitch
    • Songwriting and Composition
    • Beginner songwriters learn how to write their own materials
    • Established songwriters work through exercises to uncover new material
    • Business Skills for Performers and Educators
    • Professional development for performers at all stages of their careers

    More Information

    Brenda has performed as a leader and sideperson in the fields of jazz, classical, musical theater, rock, pop and church music, and has served on the faculties of Fordham University, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, City College and the New York Pops Education Program.

    Brenda works with pianists as young as 6 to help foster a love of music, while achieving mastery of music theory and the piano. More advanced pianists learn jazz materials, composition and songwriting, depending on their interests and ability level.

    Brenda is an expert in all Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) styles from jazz to rock to Broadway. She is a Certified Instructor of Somatic Voicework™ and has served on the faculties of Fordham University, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and the New York Summer Music Festival. She has served for 8 years as a music teacher in residence at the Ronald McDonald House in New York.

    Brenda works with singers of all kinds, ranging from children to adults, from beginners to professionals. She is extremely skilled at creating a course of study that serves each student’s unique needs.  Learn to sing comfortably throughout your entire range, making a variety of sounds, and sing expressively!  Find your true unique voice in a supportive environment.

    In addition to teaching voice, Brenda is an accomplished pianist who can play all styles, play by ear, sight read and transpose on sight to accompany lessons.  You will find new freedom and fun with your music, studying with a seasoned professional who will put you at ease and even make you laugh!

    Brenda’s students have sung on Broadway, in national commercials, have recorded solo albums and have been accepted to performing arts high schools and the top conservatories in the US.