How to Get Your Kids to Practice

I get asked this question all the time!! ¬†“How do I get my kids to practice???” ¬†Here are a few suggestions coming from a professional piano/voice teacher and piano mom (my son is now in lessons!)

1. Have a house policy of “No TV/screens” until 8pm. This was the rule in my house growing up. That gave us plenty of time to get our homework and piano practice work done before we watched tv. We didn’t always like it, but we always got our work done!
2. Have a set amount of practice that your child needs to do each day. For an intermediate student, 30 minutes a day is fine, for a more advanced student, an hour is better. If your child has to miss a day, then have them double up on the weekends.
3. Ask your child’s music teacher for periodic updates on your child’s progress. Does the teacher think your child is practicing efficiently? If not, ask for their help and support. And then…
4. Look over your child’s music dictation book and talk about what they are working on. Ask them what they think is easy or hard to play.
5. Try to avoid enrolling your child in too many activities. Just because Johnny who lives next door is taking Karate, Travel Soccer, Mandarin and Guitar lessons doesn’t mean your kid should. Pick one sport and one creative activity per week so that they can learn a skill and still have time for homework and well, being a kid. Remember the old saying “A Jack of all trades, and a master of none.”

Make practicing a priority and your child with not only get more out of their lessons, but they will enjoy making music more!


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