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Motivation Monday – The Case for Musicianship

For today’s video, I talk about all things #musicianship and why they hold the key to true musical success. Many students are focused on the more sexy topics in music, like technique (who doesn’t want to sing high notes or play flashy piano runs?) or repertoire (song selection is an obsessive topic among educators), but for many, working on their foundational understanding of pitch and rhythm is much more important.
Which brings me to the EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! The new course is called…Crash Course in Solfege: The Bundle!
I have bundled my bestselling courses Crash Course in Solfege: Major Edition and Crash Course in Solfege: Minor Edition and added a ton of BONUS material. There is a new section on The Chromatic Scale, two complete voice lessons (one sung by me and one sung by jazz wunderkind Dylan Pramuk) plus a deep dive into a bunch of creative ways to use Solfege in your life. Want to learn how to play by ear? Get your sight singing in tip top shape?
This is a great course for students, and also amazing for music teachers, who have been wanting to teach this to their students but haven’t known exactly how.
Stay tuned for news on the presale. Coming soon….

All About 2-5-1s!

Jazz theory is a hairy monster for many folks, which is why I am creating tutorials to explain some of the most important concepts.  It’s not hard – it’s just a little bit different.  In this tutorial, I am going to walk you through the theory behind the most commonly found chord progression in jazz:  The 2-5-1.  I am going to show you where it comes from, what to do with it, how to practice it and how to identify it in every jazz standard out there.  It’s fun – I promise!


Want to learn jazz piano?  Check out my online course Jazz Piano Accompaniment, which teaches you everything you need to know to play authentic jazz piano!

You can LEARN to play by ear!

Have you ever met one of those people who can sit down and play a song by ear? The can just do it without even looking at the music – and they were just BORN THAT WAY. (Infuriating, right?). What if I told you that you can LEARN to PLAY BY EAR? Not only CAN you, but I am going to show you exactly what steps you need to take to be able to do it. It doesn’t take any special tools or skills – it’s just a matter of sitting down and following my easy steps.

This is how I learned to play by ear, how I taught my 9 year old son to play by ear and how I have taught hundreds of other people to do it too. It’s super fun and will make your whole life more musical!

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Motivation Monday -It’s Never Too Late to Be Who You Might Have Been.

Every Monday, I post a video about practicing, inspiration, time management and other topics that are meant to motivate you to really give it your best work.  This week, I talk about a favorite quote that I found on a $0.99 card at Trader Joe’s which has hung in my studio for several years.  It’s never too late!

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Motivation Monday – 168 Hours, You Have More Time Than You Think

#MotivationMonday.   One of my favorite books of all time, that I reread over and over again is an amazing book by @LauraVanderkam called “168 Hours – You Have More Time Than You Think.”  Laura is a time management expert and she has done extensive research on how people use their time.  This book has been life altering for me.  Check out the short video to find out how! 

Which Online Course is Right for Me?

Have you been wanting to improve your piano skills?  Have you been curious about the online offerings at Piano and Voice with Brenda?  This short video talks you through all of the course options and shares which course might be the best fit for you!  Whether you are looking to learn jazz, improvisation or you are a singer who wants to build your keyboard skills, there is a perfect course for YOU!  Check out this video to find out!

Motivation Monday – I Will Never Be Able To Do That!

Looking for a little #motivationmonday?  In this video, I address that old bad habit of saying “I will never be able to do that” and how we can use that to help us actually achieve our goals.  What are some things that you thought you would never EVER be able to do that you actually were able to?

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Sight Read Better…FAST!

Sight reading is a thorn in everyone’s side and something that nearly every student I have come across has needed more help with.  In this video I tackle the #1 problem that keeps people from being able to sight read effectively.  Hint:  it’s all about intervals.

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